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Web design is the art of creating web pages, this emphasis on creativity and use of technologies such as the use of HTML, CSS, ASP, SSL, PHP, XML and others. In short we can say that web design is a collective work aims to create web pages.

Web design incorporates a process of concept use of electronic media content with the help of internet technology. Technology to be used should be supported for displaying web content on the web browser. When we design a website, in principle free to determine the content for the website in general. However, these designs still must be consistent with the given topic, there are important factors when designing a website is to keep our minds in order-oriented "web visitors". They must be pampered with an attractive web layout, easy navigation to explore the contents of the Web. Provisions can be briefly considered while designing the web below:

A. The design must be consistent with the content

2. Design attracts visitors

3. The design can withstand the visitors to keep visiting our web

4. Navigation design that is easy to surf the web

5. Design becomes a means of promotion activities

A great site is meeting the desired needs, made in the short term and does not take a huge cost. In web design there are two applications of the content in the form of text and images.
To complete the web design needs of the demand for the London area stood a well-known company called Ampheon. Has won numerous awards related to their performance in satisfying customers. Assured ISO 9001 quality certificate business. While many of their website design clients are small and growing businesses, also delivered solutions for clients Successful Internet like the London Chamber of Commerce, the Health Protection Agency and the Commonwealth Secretariat. Please get the best service for Web Design London sector and began to look to the future of your favorite website.

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